Product Table with Variations

WooCommerce Product Table plugin fully supports variable products. You can either display variations as dropdown lists, as separate rows in the table, or on the single product page (see examples below). Product variations can also be displayed as filters above the table. And if you want even more flexibility, check out the integration with Product Add-Ons which lets you add checkboxes, text entry fields, and more.

Product table with variation dropdowns

This product table lists variations as dropdowns in the add to cart column. For the first product, we have added default variation options so they are pre-selected in the product table.

Ninja Hoodie
5 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating
small largepink white

Variations on separate rows

This example lists each variation on its own row in the product table.

Ninja Hoodie - White, Large

3 in stock

Ninja Hoodie - White, Small

15 in stock

Ninja Hoodie - Pink, Large

In stock


Variations on single product page

This product table has variations disabled. For variable products, the add to cart button changes to ‘Select options’. Customers can click through to the product details page to choose their variations and buy.