Product Table with Custom Fields & Taxonomies

These product grids include custom data to provide extra information about WooCommerce products. Custom fields can also be used to add shortcodes and extra styles. You can see this in the 2nd table below, where we have displayed a custom field with links, buttons and icons instead of an ‘Add to Cart’ column.

Product catalog with custom fields & taxonomies

NamePictureTypeShop 1Shop 2Shop 3hf:tax:coffee_type
Coffee - BrazilR 20.00R 20.50R 19.00coffee
Coffee - ColombiaR 38.50R 39.00R 37.00coffee
Coffee - ItalianR 83.80R 83.90R 83.00coffee
Creamer - Full FatR 39.00R 37.50R 36.40creamer
Creamer - Semi-SkimmedR 20.00R 23.50R 22.50creamer
Creamer - SkimmedR 12.00R 13.00R 13.40creamer

WooCommerce list view with attributes plus custom field with links & icons

Grey T-Shirt, Original price was: $20.00.Current price is: $15.00.

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Grey Woo T-Shirt, , $30.00

Red Woo T-Shirt, $29.99


White Woo T-Shirt$30.50


Black Woo T-Shirt$30.00


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