WooCommerce Product List View

WooCommerce Product Table is the ultimate list view plugin. Here are a couple of examples of how it can be used to create a WooCommerce product list.


List view with product name only

Product List - Clothing
Product List - Books


We’ve created a 3 column layout to make the product lists narrower, using columns from the Shortcodes Ultimate plugin.

The first 2 columns each contain a separate product table, listing products form a specific category.

WooCommerce product list with multiple columns


Create this product table with variations using shortcode:  [product_table columns="image,name,reviews,price,add-to-cart" variations="true" filters="att:color,add:size" rows_per_page="5" display_page_length="false"] . You can also check out our tutorial on how to create a WooCommerce product list